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Got Questions About Your Condo Documents?

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Expert Condo Document Review 

Free for Condo Owners

At IKBEN’S International Realty, we understand the complexities that come with condo ownership. That’s why we are pleased to offer a complimentary review of your condominium documents for current condo owners. Whether you’re navigating HOA rules, bylaws, or other condo regulations, we’re here to help you find the information you need quickly and efficiently.

Free Condo Document Review:

How to Submit Your Documents:


Who Qualifies:

This free service is available exclusively to current condo owners who reside within the condominium building or complex of the documents to be reviewed.


How It Works:

Submit your questions or inquiries along with the relevant condo documents, and our team will review them within three to five days.


Terms & Conditions:

To take advantage of this service, you agree to receive our company newsletter. Stay informed about the latest real estate trends, market updates, and exclusive offers from IKBEN’S International Realty.

Prepare Your Documents:

Gather the condominium documents that you need reviewed. You can submit the total package or the individual documents to be reviewed.  Please submit only PDF format.

Submit Your Inquiry:

Include your specific questions or areas of concern. Remember, no legal questions, please.

Receive Your Review:

Within three to five days, you’ll get a detailed review pointing you to the information you need in your condo documents.

About Us

IKBEN’S International Realty

Condo Association Specialists

With over 16 years of experience, we at IKBEN’S International Realty are dedicated Brokers and Managers who bring a wealth of knowledge and personalized service to help you understand your condo documents. Though we are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice or interpretations, our commitment is to guide you in finding the information you need with ease and confidence.

16+ Years of Experience


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    Important Disclaimer

    IKBEN’S International Realty is not a law firm. We do not offer legal advice, answer legal questions, or make legal interpretations of your documents. Our service aims to guide you in locating the information within your condo documents to better understand your ownership rights and obligations.

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